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Grant Searching

We know grant searching is tough. We will search for grants you can apply for so you don't have to.

Grant Consultation

Are you trying to apply for a grant for your business but unsure which to go for? We've got you covered.

Grant Reviewing

Our team of experienced grant writers will take a look and provide fresh perspectives.

Pitch Deck Consulting/Review

Your pitch deck is the first impression you make about your business to potential investors, so we're here to make sure it's the best.

CV Design (Custom Design + Copywriting)

A lot of grant applications now require you to submit the CVs of team members. But, you don’t have to panic.

CV Review (Rewrite)

Do you have your CV prepared but still have doubts that it's good enough? We've got you covered.

Video Script Writing

We will help you craft a compelling script that will engage and persuade viewers to support your project.