How Can We Help You?

We've curated a list of frequently asked questions for your perusal.

Can I pay after I win the grant but at a higher commission to Grant Master for the inconvenience?

We completely understand your concerns. While we cannot guarantee that you will win the grant, our record speaks for itself. Our grant writers have raised a combined $4.5M in grants. We require an upfront payment because we work with the best of the best grant writers. Top rated grant writers don’t work for free. Also, you need as much money as possible to execute the project, so requesting to give us 10% or 25% of the grant is not only wrong, it means you will probably execute a terrible project (if you execute any at all) and mismanage the grant funding.

Has Grant Master won grants too?

Grant Master won the StartUp Lab pitch contest at the Global Investment Summit, attracting $250,000 in support from brands like Amazon & Google. Grant Master also recently won the Bangabandhu Innovation Grant and was recognized as one of the top 20 innovative startups in the world.

What are my odds of success?

Applying for a grant is like placing a sports bet. The difference between putting in for grants and placing sports bets is in the odds. Your odds of success are much better applying for a grant because most grants are technical and generally have a few hundred to a few thousand applications unlike sport bets with millions of players and insanely microscopic odds. Now, hiring a grant master to write your grant is like hiring a sports analyst or soccer professor to help you place sports bets. It's like hiring an investment professional to help you pick stocks. Instead of applying by yourself and receiving rejection upon rejection, with Grant Master, you have a significantly better chance of attracting funding. You need to weigh your risk to reward ratio. Right now, you are thinking; what if I don't win? And that's ok. How much will you lose? Now, ask yourself: what if I win? How much of an impact will that grant make?

How big of a return can I get by hiring Grant Master

One of our clients recently won $462,000. He paid $500 to hire us for the very technical grant application. That’s a 92,400% return on his investment! And that’s just looking at it from a narrow financial angle. How about the thousands of lives the project will impact? How about the ripple effect in that community and country? How about the transformation of the organization? What about the visibility, recognition, and the global partnerships? Not even Ponzi schemes can deliver such returns.