Grant Writing Myths you shouldn’t believe

July 27, 2022
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We know grant processes can be undeniably intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are new to grants. To help ease the stress of the process, we’ve put together three grant writing myths that businesses or nonprofit organizations shouldn’t believe.
Encouraging your team to read through these myths before embarking on the funding journey can land you the big cheque.

1. You have to apply for every grant.

Sending out twenty proposals weekly, contacting every funder and foundation you can find, and using stock proposals can hurt you in the long run and burn your team out.
When writing grants, we encourage you to focus on quality over quantity. After reading your proposal, the funder should feel confident that your organization would be a responsible steward of their funds. This will give your proposal a competitive edge.

2. You can spend the money however you want.

This is a common mistake that businesses and nonprofit organizations sometimes make in their early funding days. The grant fund should be used as stated in the budget approved by the funders. If the fund is for a CSR project, do not use it to expand your business. Not only will you lose your funders’ trust if you spend the money differently, but you also could risk a refund or lose out on grants in the future.

3. Grant writing is hard and it costs a lot to hire a grant writer

If you have never written a grant, putting a proposal together can be intimidating. But don’t let that scare you. Start simple and look at examples of successful grant proposals from other nonprofits or businesses. Many foundations even recommend sending a letter of inquiry (LOI) before sending an entire proposal so you can establish a relationship with potential funders. This often creates a quicker process for both parties.
Looking for help with your grant writing or prefer to outsource the process? It may be a great idea to hire a professional writer. Grantmaster can help you write grants and teach you the ins and outs of grant writing to help you win dollars in the future.

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