5 Grant Writing Strategies For Nonprofits

September 30, 2021
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Many nonprofit organizations rely on grants to deliver on their projects. But not so many come close to winning. Winning grants is still a puzzle many nonprofits struggle with. The line between those who win and those who don't ... Strategy!

Winning the heart of funders to support your projects is a function of a deep understanding of the funder's interest.

Organizations seeking funding opportunities must realize that grants are awarded based on merit and not need. Your ability to communicate clearly and compellingly the problem your project aims to solve is the key to the heart of the funders. Unfortunately, grant writing is not just about communicating your ideas and needs.

You must understand the funder and his mission and wrap your project around this mission. This way, everyone wins.

Here are 5 simple grant writing strategies to win the heart of the funders:

1. Start Small

Although it is tempting to apply for the "bigger fish." Remember that grants are fiercely competitive. It is wisdom to start where you stand a chance while you grow.

2. Tailor it

We can't overemphasize how it is important to understand the interest of the funder and write your proposal just accordingly. Every grant opportunity has peculiar criteria. Neglecting these criteria could land your proposal in the bin.

3. Focus more on the solution

Many grant writers dwell too much on the problems than the solution. Worse still, offer vague descriptions of the proposed solution. Funders will most likely not doubt the existence of the problem. But how do you intend to solve the problem(s)?

What game-changing innovation have you got to offer?

What are you doing differently?

Are you truly capable?

4. Align

Writing an effective grant proposal also means creating content that strategically and uniquely aligns your organization or project mission to the interest of the funder. Ensure your proposal correlates with the interest of the funders.

5. Data wins

"In God we trust, All others must bring data".

A compelling grant proposal must contain relevant data. A warm story can move people to an emotional point, but funders don't fund heart-warming stories.

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