10 Proven Ways to Stay Updated on the Latest Grant Opportunities in Africa

January 15, 2024
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Searching for grants can feel like hunting for gold in a sea of opportunities. But staying up-to-date is key to strike funding gold for your African startup or organization.

Here are 10 proven strategies to help you stay in the know about the latest grant opportunities available across Africa with real examples:

#1. Leverage Online Grant Databases

Comprehensive databases are your treasure maps to finding relevant grants for your specific needs and eligibility. Here are some top databases to utilize in your grant search:

  • Grantsforme - A grant recommendation engine that scores, matches, and recommends, grants you qualify for.
  • Grants.gov - Search for government grants in the US and Africa. Filter results by category, funding type, eligibility, and more.
  • Foundation Directory Online - Database of grants from over 90,000 foundations worldwide. Look for grants by location, field, and type.
  • Funds for NGOs - Specialized database for grants for NGOs and non-profits globally. Browse by country and category.
  • Opportunity Desk - Features grants, scholarships, fellowships, and awards in Africa. Search by country, opportunity type, and discipline.
  • Your Opportunities Africa - Database focused on opportunities across Africa such as grants, internships, and scholarships.

These comprehensive resources allow you to search for grants tailored to your region, industry, eligibility criteria, and other unique factors. Their filters and advanced search features help uncover the most relevant prospects from the vast array of funding opportunities available.

#2. Sign Up for Grant Alerts and Notifications

Get timely grant updates sent directly to your inbox with grant alerts and newsletter subscriptions. Being among the first to know when new grants open or when deadlines approach gives you an advantage in the competitive funding landscape.

Here are some top sources for grant notifications:

  • Grant Master - Receive grant alerts tailored to your specific interests and location preferences. Sign up at www.grantmaster.xyz 
  • Newsletters from Funders - Sign up to receive email updates about upcoming opportunities, changes in priorities, and grant cycles from foundations and organizations you plan to approach.
  • Email Alerts - Opt in to receive email notifications about newly posted grants on databases and aggregators.
  • Grant Calendars - Use grant calendars that map out important dates and deadlines for a range of opportunities in one place.

Act promptly when funding opportunities arise by responding right away to grant alerts that interest you. Don't let good grant prospects pass you by!

#3. Maximize Grant Database Search Features

Grant databases provide powerful search features, filters, and listings that allow you to easily uncover fitting funding opportunities. Take time to explore and maximize the following database functionalities fully:

  • Advanced Search Options - Use advanced search filters such as location, grant type, funder, discipline, and eligibility criteria to pinpoint grants that match your niche.
  • Grant Listings - Browse newly added, and popular grant listings to discover timely opportunities to pursue. Sign up for listing alerts.
  • Search Alerts - Save customized searches and set up alerts to receive notifications when new grants match your parameters.
  • Grant Deadlines - View key deadlines for upcoming opportunities to plan your timeline and applications accordingly.
  • Grant Guides - Access tips and best practices for researching and applying for grants more effectively.

Thoroughly leveraging grant databases will expand your funding prospects and streamline identifying and targeting relevant new grants as they become available.

#4. Attend Grant Training, Seminars, and Events

Beyond digital channels, grant events are valuable opportunities for interactive learning and networking within the funding community. Here are impactful ways to engage in grant skills development and information sharing:

  • Grant Workshops and Webinars - Master the grant process through expert training in writing compelling proposals, designing budgets, and more.
  • Grant Conferences and Seminars - Gain broader knowledge and connections at national and regional grant-focused events. Learn best practices and emerging trends.
  • Funder Information Sessions - Get insider tips and advice directly from grant-makers during their grant opportunity presentations and Q&As.
  • Grant Socials and Networking Events - Forge relationships with funders and peers over grant-funding discussions and problem-solving.

Check the event listings and social media of funders, associations, and community organizations for upcoming grant learning opportunities near you or virtually.

#5. Connect with Grant Professionals

Gaining one-on-one advice and insights from seasoned grant professionals can provide an invaluable edge to stay updated on the latest prospects. Ways to tap into their expertise:

  • Attend Grant Information Sessions - Ask grant officers detailed questions about their funding priorities, processes, and tips.
  • Schedule Consultations - Hire experienced grant consultants to provide tailored guidance and funding recommendations for your organization or project needs.
  • Join Grant Communities - Follow and interact with influential grant professionals on social platforms and online forums to exchange best practices.
  • Attend Grant Networking Events - Chat up grant officers and consultants to build key relationships within the funding community. Exchange contact info!
  • Follow Up with Grant Feedback - Check in with grantmakers after submissions to gain helpful insights into improving future proposals.

Incorporating grant professionals' specialized knowledge and resources will provide a strategic advantage in identifying and excelling in the latest funding opportunities.

#6. Follow Grant Conversations on Social Media

Social platforms provide extensive real-time conversations to tap into the pulse of the grant funding landscape. Follow these accounts and hashtags:

  • Grant Makers and Associations - Follow the social accounts of major foundations, corporations, government agencies, and non-profit associations that offer grants.
  • Influential Grant Consultants - Subscribe to thought leaders providing regular grant tips, news, and training content.
  • Grant Seekers and Recipients - Learn from fellow grant applicants and grantees by exchanging advice in social communities.
  • Relevant Hashtags - Track hashtags like #grants, #nonprofit, #fundraising and #grantwriting to join wider grant discussions.
  • Grant Events - Look for event hashtags and social engagement surrounding grant conferences and training.

Actively participating in grant social media conversations will provide crowdsourced knowledge and Grassroots connections to help you identify timely grant pursuits.

#7. Subscribe to Relevant Organization Newsletters

Sign up to receive email newsletters, updates, and alert notifications from government agencies, foundations, corporations, and non-profits that offer grants in your focus areas. Here are the key benefits:

  • Get alerts about new grants as soon as they are announced
  • Learn about changes to funding priorities and criteria
  • Receive reminders and tips about application deadlines
  • Gain insight into grant selection processes and what drives funding decisions
  • Keep up with organizations' initiatives, partnerships, and events.
  • Curate a list of the most relevant regional and national funding organizations that align with your nonprofit or business goals. Be selective in your subscriptions to stay focused amidst the clutter.

Proactively maintaining ongoing communication with prospective grantmakers lays the foundation for successful funding relationships.

#8. Set Grant Application Reminders

Sticking to grant application deadlines is critical. Avoid missing out on opportunities by putting structured reminders in place:

  • Calendar Alerts - Use calendar apps to schedule your grant research tasks and set deadline notifications and reminders.
  • Email Reminders - Email yourself reminder notes on the next steps, upcoming deadlines, and required progress for longer grant applications.
  • Project Management Tools - Use platforms like Trello or Asana to create grant application task lists, keep tasks on track, and receive deadline reminders.
  • Accountability Partner - Designate a colleague or friend to check in on your progress and help keep you accountable to key deadlines.

Grant application success depends on organization, preparation and timeliness. Effective reminders will help you achieve this.

#9. Curate a Custom Grant News Feed

Instead of searching randomly, create a customized system to stay updated on relevant grant opportunities, trends, and news specifically tailored to you. Ways to curate a useful grant news feed:

  • Google News Alerts - Set up Google News Alerts to receive grant-related articles and new grants based on chosen keywords and search terms.
  • Newsletters - Consolidate updates from funder newsletters, associations, and other sources into your preferred email client for easy access.
  • Social Media Lists - Follow key grant accounts and influencers and organize them into social media lists by category like "Funders," "Grant Experts" etc.
  • Bookmark Folders - Use browser bookmarks to save grant websites, listings, and searches organized by grant type or focus area for quick access.

Curating your own custom grant news feed boosts efficiency in staying up-to-date with less time wasted and more relevant opportunities surfaced.

#10. Consult Grant Experts

Specialized grant consultants and companies like Grant Master keep their fingers on the pulse of emerging grant opportunities, trends, and best practices. Their expertise can guide you to relevant prospects and insider strategies. Ways they provide value:

  • Funding Research - Access specialized databases and networks beyond publicly listed grants to find niche opportunities.
  • Strategy Guidance - Consultants help develop focused game plans for pursuing grants aligned with your capabilities and goals.
  • Proposal Optimization - Experts assist with crafting compelling proposals personalized to each grantmaker's values and priorities.
  • Ongoing Training - Coaching sessions build your in-house grant research, writing and management skills over time.
  • Application Review - Getting constructive feedback on your proposals from experienced consultants enhances quality.

Teaming up with grant consulting specialists provides strategic advantages through expanded prospects, coaching, and feedback to win grants.


Staying current on the latest grant opportunities takes continual effort across multiple channels, connections, and systems. But diligently implementing these 10 proven strategies will empower your nonprofit or social enterprise to always be on the inside track for funding sources tailored to your mission and programs making an impact.

With persistence and creativity in seeking, tracking, and pursuing relevant grants, your chances for striking nonprofit gold greatly increase! You’ll be equipped to transform opportunities into growth-fueling grant investments to advance your vision for change.

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