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100% Tested Grant Writing Tips & Tricks At Your Fingertips.

Grant writing is confusing, time consuming and competitive but not impossible. We make the process a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less stressful and more fun.

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What you'll learn:

How to Write Great Proposal Titles That Win Grants

Just as your name is important to your identity, a project title is important to your proposal, as it sets the reviewer’s first impression, summarizes the project, and makes an application memorable...

3 Ways Your Startup Can Beat The Competition

Even though it gets a bad rep, competition is healthy for your business. Here are battle tested tips to help you better serve your customers, grab market share and leave your competition in the dust.

3 Tips for Crafting a Winning Proposal

Some grant proposals are so badly written, the reviewer spends less than 10 secs on them before discarding them forever. A few end up captivating and inspiring the reviewer.

Sniffing Out Grant related Scams

More and more organizations and businesses resort to grant opportunities to provide the financial backing they need to implement their innovative solutions. Unfortunately, some people prey on innocent 'Grant seekers' to exploit them...

11 Commonly Used Grant Terms

Grant requests for proposals (RFP) have distinct words and phrases. Having a good understanding of commonly used terms will help strengthen your grant applications and ensure you meet the requirements.

5 Common Grant Writing Mistakes (PT. 1 & 2)

Grant writing poses a difficult task even to skilled grant writers. Most proposals never get fair consideration because of minor errors and silly mistakes. To help you put together badass grant proposals, here are 5 grant writing mistakes you must avoid...

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Write Grants 10x faster, better, smarter

Eliminate the guesswork, trial-and-error, and never-ending dilema of trying to figure everything out yourself- for the first time. And instead, write your grants with proven grant-winning frameworks... not hopes and prayers.

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To all business owners and NGO leaders, Watch this video to learn how you can find grants you qualify for...

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The Power Is In The Writing

Most Businesses and entrepreneurs try writing Grants for their business through trial and error, by hoping and praying... by stumbling and trying to figure it all out by themselves - for the very first time.

There's nothing wrong with trying to figure things out by yourself, But we call this guesswork. Why? Because it's unreliable, unrealistic, extremely stressful, and often results in failure (or some form of breakdown)

We've spent our blood, sweat, tears, and resources in perfecting what works... In other words, we're not kiddies in the game. Our goal is to arm you with the need-to-knows necessary to get your business the funding it needs to become that fire-breathing, market-terrorizing unicorn.

We're not all-talk-no-show... Below are some of the Brands that Have trusted us with their Grant Writing Needs.

Opportunity Desk
Brighter Monday
V Microfinance
My Food Angels
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